How lucrative is the job of a makeup artist in India?

Makeup has a huge market with too many employment opportunities aspiring makeup artists can explore today. Arooshi, 35 years old makeup artist based in Mumbai says with the smile, “I have been engaged in the makeup industry for the last 10 years, and initially, I was not aware this industry would grow huge today.” Similarly, makeup became a passionate fashion, and one can see how it is now part of lifestyles adopted by people. Earlier it was not considered as the right choice of career. But the significance of makeup increased when industries such as Bollywood, fashion, modelling, entertainment, festivals and fairs followed by wedding became established industries in the market.

The manifold increase of scopes in this sector has been attracting many youngsters today. Many aspiring candidates choosing makeup classes in Mumbai is on the constant hike. As per Navita, an entrepreneur who owns a makeup studio in Delhi, makeup is a good career option if one pursues it from the heart. She further adds, “I believe being a makeup artist is a rewarding career choice because you become satisfied that using your creativity, you helped people to look best”.

No matter how you want to begin your career in this sector and where you want to reach, it is crucial on your part to take up makeup training courses. The benefits of taking up such courses include aspiring candidates will have plenty of job offers right after completion of the courses. Besides, the certificates indicating course completion will help in taking the confidence and assurance of the clients. Once the candidates gain the relevant skills, they can find employment in many makeup studios, domestic and MNC companies or firms specialising in makeup services.

Additionally, if you have confidence that you can handle the clients, then you can open your makeup studio, training centres and enjoy having an entrepreneurial journey. So, are you thinking where to study makeup? For shaping your dream career, you can join the quality makeup school in Mumbai. This city is a huge commercial centre with large scopes for makeup artists and those who are wondering which institute to choose, they can choose BHIM Academy, the leading institute for makeup study.

3 Oct 2017